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MACAlerts is an online community that allows you to ask and respond to questions, collaborate, stay up to date, and share. An updated Quick Start Guide is in development and should be available soon. The button below provides a general guide until the new version is ready.

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Welcome to MAC Alerts!

A Robust Online Community for MAC Members

Get more from your membership: professional networking and knowledge sharing are just a few important benefits.

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Suggestions and Feedback

Have a question or suggestion for MAC about MAC Alerts?  This is the place!

Welcome to the new MAC Alerts platform.  This first phase of transition makes several significant upgrades to how we manage Alerts and we will continue to make this resource better for members.  This environment is new to us and our volunteers who moderate Alert posts as well.  We welcome constructive feedback on how to improve MAC Alerts and welcome volunteers to assist us with moderating posts and improving user support materials.  We will be updating the instructions and resources over the next few weeks and will create a FAQ to further assist members with common questions that come up.  Thanks for your collaboration and support in making this updated community tool a better resource for the whole MAC community.


Rules and Limitations

Yes, communities work better with a few rules and guidelines.

What's an online information-sharing resource without a few rules and disclaimers? By using MAC Alerts members acknowledge they will adhere to all MAC policies regarding this service.  Major policies regarding this website can be found on the main MAC site by going to the Alerts option under the Engage menu.  The button below will take you there.  There are additional policies that apply, such as the MAC Member Code of Conduct, and policies approved by the MAC Board that appear in the Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM).  The PPM and the Code of Conduct can be found in the Governance area under the Who We Are menu on our main site.  An updated set of policies for the new MAC Alerts system are currently under review and will be posted once the Board has had an opportunity to vet the policies and vote on the changes.  

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Join MAC

Want access to MAC Alerts?   Then you need to be a member of MAC.

MAC Alerts is about sharing information and working together as a community to help ensure the integrity of the payment ecosystem.  This service is a major benefit of being a member of MAC.  We have two general types of alerts:  Unrestricted, which are open to all MAC Members; and Restricted, which are open to a reduced set of risk professionals who meet standardized criteria administered by the MAC Membership Committee.  The common theme here is that to benefit from MAC Alerts, you need to be a MAC Member.  If you are not a MAC member, joining is easy and there are many other benefits, with more on the way.  To learn more or join today, click on the button provided.

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We Need Volunteers!

MAC is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization.  Join our team and help your community.

MAC could not provide services like MAC Alert, Level Up, TechDay, webinars, regional conferences, MAC Dispatch, MAC Monitor, the GR Newsletter, and more without the assistance of an amazing group of volunteers.  To help make this community work, we are looking to expand our volunteers, and to help we are working to create meaningful volunteer opportunities that fit all skill sets and time availability.  Volunteering helps individuals build skills, expand their network, and more -- while also making a difference.  So please consider volunteering today.  

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